I’m Heather E Houston

I’m Heather E Houston, an artist from Louisiana who specializes in creating quirky bone art and botanical pencil art, offering services such as Art for Brands, bespoke Skelly portraits, and Creative Canvases, because painting is a healthier way to cope with life’s madness than getting frustrated with traffic.


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Stories have Good Bones

Things are rarely black and white—shades of gray weave through all we do. The trick is to take the dark and death and make life. Skulls usually represent the dead, but what happens when we add a little colored pencil magic?

I love sharing joy, which spills into the Heather & Bone Discord community. It’s a vibrant and supportive space that encourages you to embrace the art of writing on paper.

– share your experiences

– find inspiration

– connect with pen pals

– explore the world of life journaling

Join us, and let’s embark on this beautiful journey together, celebrating the richness and magic that comes with embracing the tactile and expressive nature of paper and ink.

Unleashing Creativity Through Quirky Bone Art: Meet Heather & Bone

Hey there! Life can drive anyone a little crazy, but I’ve found a healthier way to deal with it – by creating quirky bone art. I’m Heather E Houston, an artist based in Louisiana. My passion lies in pencil art, and I love incorporating botanicals and bones into my work. I offer three awesome services: Art for Brands, where I create custom artwork for businesses, bespoke Skelly portraits that capture the unique essence of individuals, and Creative Canvases that allow me to let my imagination run wild. So, if you’re looking for some offbeat and whimsical art, you’ve come to the right place!

These are a few of my favorite things


Bringing new brands to life and giving old brands new character.


This team of VAs can streamline your admin and set you straight.


This is who did the music for my videos. So belightful!

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