Life makes everyone a bit mad, and painting quirky bone art is healthier than cursing at traffic.

Heather & Bone is a creation of artist Heather E Houston living in Louisiana. (That’s me ;)) I specialize in pencil art that features botanicals and bones.

Why Start Heather & Bone?

My closets used to overflow with art supplies I planned to use when I was good enough. However, after imagining a world where I left behind brittle unused supplies, those supplies became an eclectic eccentricity.

Gatekeeping the term for most of my life, like many casual creatives, locked me out of the vibrant tradition of passing on my joy on paper.

No more! I decided to add my name to the generations of artists, knowing I’ll never stop learning.

We’ve all seen the skull and bone art. There is a pull to these because they’re something just below the surface that we all share. Finding a voice can be challenging, but embracing an authentic self is a peaceful step forward.

Own a little Heather & Bone.

Would you like to commission a Skelly or other original piece? Catch me on Instagram.

Stay tuned for merchandise such as stickers, shirts, wrapping paper, and more with Zazzle quality.


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