And A Good Time Was Had By All

That’s a wrap on my in-person events for a bit, and we went out in style! What most people don’t understand about these events are that they are each bespoke to the venue or client. The Build A Bookmark Art/Craft Party is one of those events.

Enter Heather & Bone Bespoke Events

The Twisted Bookmark is a local bookstore that recently opened filling an important niche in our community. What better way to celebrate than to design an entire party around their whole thing?! It all started with setting up tables and chairs to accommodate everyone.

I scattered around a variety of art supplies on the tables and also set up a fabric, bead, thread, and book station for people to pillage as they like. Snacks, a variety of drinks and food trays, were setup to nosh on while glue or paint dries.

Click through the slides below…

So Worth It

All I could hear the whole time was laughter and joy. Let me tell you something… It was pure chaos. Fabric scissors were used on cardstock. Paper scissors tore through leather. Paints were mixed and fabric massacred. My OCD was having a bit of a fit, but I was having a blast watching everyone play.

I gave everyone free reign on pretty much everything so that they could let loose and just enjoy the experience of crafting in its purest form. This wasn’t about the bookmarks. Although, they were all fun and gorgeous by the end! It was about the verb of crafting and creating.

It’s a bit difficult to get started for many. I am planning to have more examples in person for my future events. For now, I will be focusing on events I can do from the comfort of my home until life gets back on track.

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