Visual Art Tutors Aid in Arts Confidence

Why You Want an Art Tutor

Do you struggle to sit down to a blank piece of paper or feel less than while smashing pigments? That feeling is valid and not rare. However, it doesn’t have to define your artistic journey. You are so much more capable than your initial hind-brain critic will allow at the moment. Let us show you with a qualified art tutor.

Are you a practicing artist? Would you like to be?
Are you a practicing artist? Would you like to be?

Art tutoring sessions are joyful and fun. Private art tutoring experience has shown me that I love teaching art as a verb. Art as a noun will sort itself out.

  • Develop your artistic skills and explore different art forms, including visual arts such as mixed media, graphic design to compliment your design classes, and even learning to draw.
  • Discover your artistic potential and reignite your creative spark.
  • Get personalized guidance and feedback to improve your art skills before your next session
Find the perfect tutor for your unique needs.
Find the perfect tutor for your unique, artistic needs.

Types of Art Guidance

Some art tutors are focused on art skill improvement over joy. I’ve spent over a year developing tutoring experience that focuses on the act of creation and the natural need for growth as it develops instead of barrelling through art coursework.

Heather & Bone Private Art Tutoring

  • One-on-one lessons tailored to your needs and goals.
  • Flexible scheduling to accommodate your busy schedule.
  • Personalized attention and feedback to help you improve.
Learn to improve your inner peace of mind and art skills in your free time with a Heather & Bone art tutor.
Learn to improve your inner peace of mind and art skills in your free time.

Qualities of an Ideal Art Tutor

Yes, you want your tutor to be good at art. You want them to be intelligent and creative. That isn’t where it stops. It’s so important to instill healthy art habits to maintain our creative vision. A tired, stressed, and overwhelmed artist doesn’t usually do their best work.

Expertise in Art

  • Professional artist with a experience in fine arts, visual arts and related field.
  • Experienced in guiding students of all ages and skill levels.
  • Knowledgeable in various art mediums, including painting, drawing, and digital art.

Teaching Technique

  • Experienced artist with a proven track record of helping students improve their artistic mindset through positive feedback and realistic expectations.
  • Skilled in creating a supportive and encouraging learning environment.
  • Able to adapt teaching style to suit your needs and learning style.
  • Works with experienced art teacher or other students when possible.

Is is a Struggle Finding the Right Art Tutor

Our online tutoring compliments art classes with a private tutor that cares about you and your artistic vision. Other qualified tutors may focus on the fine arts details, art history, or how to get better at art.

At Heather & Bone, we focus on building those skills when you find you are ready and naturally start becoming practising artist with growing opportunities.

Online Platforms and Resources

  • Online resources that connect you with qualified art tutors are a total thing now!
  • Top universities that offer online art classes and private tutoring services like ours go hand in hand.

What our clients say…

When Heather self identifies as a Spartan Cheerleader, she certainly earns every moment of it. She has been coaching and encouraging me in the REALCREATE Study Group for almost a year – my schedule is a difficult one, and Heather rises heads and shoulders above the norm to make allowances for my time on the water.

She has been able to simplify the Art process for me, while also doing deep dives into the areas where I already had some background – truly instrumental in my Art journey. It is because of her that I now consider myself an #ArtistinTraining. While she tends to shy away from the ‘tutor’ nomenclature applied to what she does, how she helps and the lessons she offers – the helping hand is always there when it’s needed – from almost daily check in’s, to special assignments, and unique assignments, she is helping to shape and cultivate my Artistic Journey.

I don’t hesitate to recommend her for any of your Arting needs – whether that is as the fabulous Cheerleader she is in her Study Group, or in her Art for Brands role at REALCREATE.

Jamie F
More and more students are discovering the joy of having the best tutors for their artistic endeavors.
More and more students are discovering the joy of having the best tutors for their artistic endeavors.

Working with Your Art Tutor

We are a team. You are as responsible for your growth as I am. I don’t make the rules. This is why I work as a tutor and not teacher. It’s so important to be honest and discuss your vision, goals, expectations with us as your tutor.

Setting Goals and Expectations

  • Setting specific, measurable, and achievable goals for your art development is not only important for skill improvement but for morale.
  • We create a plan to help you stay on track and motivated from one lesson to the next.

Whether you have a current school teaching art or want guidance and support as you journey through the realm of being self-taught in your own home, take that average rating on artistic enjoyment you usually feel and send it sky high. Make sure to send me your contact details for both online art tutoring and in person tutoring for locals.