Best Laid Plans

I’ve been minding my own business for a bit now and taking strides in making Heather & Bone a functional force in my community. Small business isn’t a cushy job. I’ve pushed, pulled, and idead (yep totes a word) my way into maintaining my business within my means. I’ve loved almost every minute of it.

Currently in my books

  • My last vending event is Tomorrow!!! Magical Market in Pineville, LA
  • My first virtual event with the Artocalypse in the digital verse starts Monday!!!
  • My last in person event for a bit is Tuesday at The Twisted Bookmark in DeRidder, LA! Woot!

I may have mentioned my comorbidities here or there. Oops! Welp, my hEDS has done it’s thing again. It feels in the moment that the months spent building my events and such were wasted. October seems like a long time ago now.

Dragging and setting up my tent for the first time. I knew the risks. I needed to be good enough. I needed to be a functional member of the society that so cherishes hard work and bootstrapping.

Construction ahead, drive with care!

My body

Now, I have postponed events I so hope to still do but must listen to myself and professionals that say to hang tight and quit pushing until things get truly sorted. The process will take months. Surgery dates and recovery, well, it’s a process.

Now to decide if I have failed. I have this idea in my heart, right? So, I think I want to hang tight like I’m supposed to, practice my art through the courses I’ve bought, and get my books going again. I mean, what could a few months of continued education and self-growth hurt?

Another thing dawning on me at the moment… There’s a digital world out there, Cherubs! It doesn’t all have to be in person. I can do tutoring and digital get togethers until the time when my parties can do the things with the stuff again.

If this is the beginning of the end of my business, I guess I will accept it eventually when it comes to it. I just keep thinking that this is simply a diversion from the main road type thing. Construction ahead, drive with care! I truly believe this will be okay in any way it turns out.

So, hang tight yall and stay tuned!

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