Build-A-Bookmark Paint Party Event

I may have not always been an artist, but there has never been a time I wasn’t a crafter/maker. So, what better way to celebrate my birthday week than an arts and crafts party at my favorite bookstore – The Twisted Bookmark in DeRidder, LA, USA.

I’m an avid reader and collector of ephemera, beads, and string.


Participants will have access to a multitude of supplies to craft a number of custom bookmarks while enjoying a charcuterie and beverage with friends.

There will be door prizes including tutoring sessions, gift certificates, silent auction, and more!

Our schedule for this event:

6 pm – Grab a drink and snacks while we settle in to our creative selves. Peruse the supplies and decide what kind of bookmarks to make, what sayings you want to add, and materials you hope to use. A bookmark pattern will be given to each participant to design their piece.

6:20 – Put supplies to bookmark! Don’t be self conscious or judgy here. We are having fun. Ask lots of questions if you don’t have a clue and know that we are all here for creative support and companionship.

7 – Door Prizes

7:30 – Make sure to add finishing touches and embellishments by now. Does your bookmark need a tassel or string? Magnets or beads? It might need to dry due to glues, sealants, and/or fixatives.

7:50 – Last Door Prize and Silent Auction winners

8 – Let me know how the event was and enjoy your creations to take home.

Tickets are selling fast; make sure to grab yours before they are gone!

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