Comparison is the Thief of Joy

These words are from the provided image of my very first art journal I made out of leftover scraps in 2016. These words were written in 2017 when my beloved Hubs was deployed…

A drive to compete with years of experience, higher IQs, and even my previous self has robbed me of the happiness of trying. All around I experience other’s mileage, masterpiece, motherhood perfection.

I have been so afraid to not measure up that I stay away from the things I love. This blank page has stared back at me for months waiting for my next profound truth. I now realize that “Do or do not” should not be my motto. Trying is doing and the most important aspect of everything.

I am Me! I must admit that I do not know how to fix this. Simply deeming something as true does not make it easy. But, guess what? I’m gonna Try!

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