Cone of Influence ~ New Art Piece

New art alert! This is a piece I have been building for some time. Light cones are a physics concept I fell in love with while watching The Universe.

My art journal holds the original idea from before I could draw with words I needed at the time. These words still ring true today. It turned into an evergreen lesson for me…

“The time is now. Tomorrow has arrived.

 The light of that event has traveled billions and billions (see what I did there 😉 of miles in all directions. While its light will always shine on me, infinite light cones exist. There is hope.

Although adjusting to a new light source is painful and takes time, it will change the way I view the world, like walking outside after r a night of darkness. Muted colors become vibrant. Shadows become smaller, and I will see that my childhood does not define me.

A new light cone begins. Now and NOW, and yes even, NOW! Every moment is a a chance to create a positive event that shines on me and those around me forever.

The time is now. Tomorrow has arrived.”

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