Did You Miss Me?

“Boots on the ground are borrowed from beside someone’s door” – Heather Houston

Whether you noticed my recent distance or not, I’m Back! Where did I go? Nowhere and so very far.

My partner is my absolute favorite person. He’s my goofy and reliable best friend that I’ve known since my teenage years.

We laugh, cry, scheme, and play as an inseparable team for decades. However, we are often apart when the soldier activates. I’m cool and all, but my bestie and partner is gone during my most trying times. The military could care less about any current turmoil going on in my world.

I say all that to say… I tend to space while he’s doing his thing. Absence may make the heart grow fonder, it also drains physical and emotional energy navigating for a month during a hurricane or special training.

So, yeah, I space in most areas and hyperfocus on something I need/want to get done. This time, it was planning some parties! While quiet and possibly distant, I’m churning away on fun stuff to do and develop the pop-up parties into a fun luxury activity suitable for any event or group.

Stay tuned for more updates on upcoming events and new services!

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