Divergents United

It’s day 3 of Art Swap, and I am thrilled! This has been such a fun and rewarding experience so far. I’ve been looking forward to this piece as it started with Aspen’s brain trees. I happen to be quite neuro-spicy myself and life doesn’t always make sense when it comes to actions people tend to take and the motivations that drive them.

OCD and ADHD and Autism, Oh My!

In a sea of seemingly cookie cutter personalities, I feel so very alone. I can’t seem to get on the same page as many and feel a need to validate my existence. OCD may not be codependence, but it may feel that way from the outside. I see you! It’s just not what you think.

Enter Aspen’s trees, which they explain here! Chris then had this piece on day two and added a woodland meadow laying amongst the trees. He kind of has a thing for wildflowers. It’s pretty fantastic.

What could I possibly add to this piece though? There was plenty of white space and opportunity. I just needed to decide where this Digital Identity was going. So, without further ado…

First, I added an individual basking in the shade and comfort of these trees with a book. You get to decide what kind of book it is. They can be learning or just feeling seen.

I then took out the background and repeated the graphic a few times to represent our neurodivergent selves all in our separate parts of the digital world. I tried my hand at a kind of whimsical perspective by everyone getting a bit less saturated and focused as they go further away.

I added flagstones that connect each of us to each other no matter how far away we are. That’s our digital identity finding like minded or at least empathetic folks to collaborate and share our passion with.

I never felt this on social media. I’ve always called it Social Media hell. The waiting for a like or response vs just creating my own journal type blog and making sure those that are my people can find me. There must be others out there that feel like us.

That’s what the Artocalypse is all about!

That web of connectivity while maintaining ownership of our content is getting stronger. I see more traffic on my site than any social platform. That’s because the Artocalypse model of support keeps me motivated to find other more traditional yet new somehow in this age of giving away licensing to art work.

My blog circle is small, which is good. I love them all! They are my people. They see me as a person and not a product. It’s a fair trade. 😉

I can’t wait to see how Kimberly wraps up this piece today! This has been so fun y’all. We may go another round with but with words! Who’s game?

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