Growth Cycle

The first day of our art swap expo encompassing our Digital Identity has begun! I used Procreate to create this fence gardened with roses peeking their way through. So, yes, I used my brand colors and included Heather peppering the bottom of the foundation that enables my flowers and bones to shine.

It’s my birthday, and I’ll make art if I want to 🎶

Why flowers?

The roses have exposed thorns and all accentuated with heather. Roses to me are so beautiful but a bit spicy and raw. I don’t exactly hide my flaws here at Heather & Bone.

I believe in a feeling of growth requires a time of allowing myself to wilt and heal. I always grow back stronger and more prepared.

Why bones?

We all have them, they hold us up and keep us safe.

Tomorrow my piece goes to my bestie, Kimberly of the Artocalypse. I absolutely trust everyone to play with this piece and have a blast!

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