Her Roots Run Deep

It’s day 4 of the art swap! Today I have Kimberly’s piece and loved watching it unfold this entire time. What started as a show of resistance because she kept herself from finishing art. Yeah, she doesn’t do that. But it turned into something that will bring her such joy.

To the outside, it may seem to go against her digital identity to do that. However, her first priority is learning through play and experimentation.

You can find her post about it here. Aspen had it on day two and added a “leaf muncher” to the mix. Cutest troll I’ve ever seen!

Chris added a gray sky and sun shining through. It gave me a vibe of those days with a cloudy sky, but the sun can’t be tamed.

I added a teal background to give a cooler tone and some daisies for the bees to enjoy. Let’s just say that Kimberly is a busy bee as is Chris and Aspen. Oh no, y’all, does that make me the snail?!

Anyhooser, Kimberly may have her roots firmly in a tight pot at the moment, but she sure makes the most of it! Maybe she’s the plant and I’m a bee? Shoot! Got distracted again.

Tomorrow, I plan to show yall how the one I started turned out! So cute and meaningful simultaneously. I’m already planning my next art swap.

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