He’s Uncountable

Today, well yesterday because I’m behind, I started the Digital Identity Art Swap thing with none other than Chris himself of Uncountable. Chris did his piece for Day 1.

It gave me structural fence vibes, even something as simple as chain link. The closer you look the cooler the design becomes as the details reveal themselves.

This man is the very foundation of a lot of our community is built on. You can’t really tell him your dreams unless you are willing for him to think out multiple methods of attack to get there.

Where Kimberly weaves her expertise into the community to help with people one on one, Chris is the behind the scenes hero creating code and procedures to make those dreams work.

Back to his uncountable fence! I planted my artistic garden very firmly intertwined with this fence. Kimberly has supported me daily through chats and such, where Chris is there tapping away helping to keep my dreams alive.

I absolutely cannot wait to see what Kimberly does with this piece… and then Aspen! Oh my!

Stay tuned for my Day 3 entry coming later today. I’m tackling Chris’s addition to Aspen’s piece!

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