Improve Profit Margins Through Personalized Art Tutoring

Meet Mels. She’s looking to improve her current product – upscale decorative cookies. We meet once a month to tackle her personalized business needs such as watercolor techniques and drawing fundamentals. Mels’ cookies are already amazing, but she feels it is important to continue education.

Always Pushing Boundaries

I have found that she loves to push her own boundaries and learn on the fly. My current plan for her is learning to watercolor faces in a way to save time for this disabled artist that will allow her to increase her profit margin into a reasonable production/energy ratio.

Mels is in year 3 of her business as an amazing cookie entrepreneur in my local area. She is highly creative and resourceful when it comes to cookie design and wants to up her artistic game in a way that will accommodate her physical and monetary needs.

That means fancy. She came to me wanting watercolor support. We have now added the drawing element of faces to this formula for max cookie drama that screams extra.

This is where Art Tutoring comes in…

Watercolor has a mind of its own and can be quite daunting to know where to start without someone to guide you along the way. Mels felt as if fellow cookie artists could do so much more with so much less. She wanted the secrets, which in the end, is the long way round. I encourage her to practice drawing and painting with playful short sessions with morning coffee.

We are still in the process of building Mels’ tutoring program as we build our understanding of her needs and how best she learns. I travel to the next town to meet her to save her the energy she needs to make cookies.

We meet at one of her local spots that allows us to relax with a drink and some food for maximum comfort. We can’t really create hungry or thirsty. So far, our supplies stay tidy. If we ever veer into messier territory, there are local parks and such to visit.

My goal is to use the tools she has for cookies to ease her transition from drawing on paper to drawing on cookies. Sketching and linework is best done on paper and printed or put on the phone to project onto the cookie. For practice, we want to project the lineart onto watercolor paper and practice watercoloring inside the lines.

It’s a Process not a Goal

I’m trying to stress the importance of drawing through and being willing to erase or redraw at the sketch level. It seems like an extra step but saves so many.

Once we master watercolor faces, hours will be saved in icing prep and fill. It could revolutionize her whole business model.

Her cookie skills seem to improve daily as she practices her new disciplines. I’m not sure about faster yet, but she is already learning the value of her time and worth along with bangin’ new cookie skills.

As our program develops, we have a plan going into each session and resources to accomplish its tasks. She will get a follow up homework assignment within 2 business days that will keep her on track for her goals. With targeted practice, guidance, and support, Mels has a clear goal to work on her cookie skills.

Can Art Tutoring Support Your Business Efforts?

It doesn’t take a cookie business to benefit from art tutoring though. I haven’t found a business yet that couldn’t benefit from some creativity and art skills. It’s completely different view on the world as an artist.

If yall want to chat about how art tutoring can benefit you, here is a link to a free trial for online help. You can also contact me through the form below for local or have other questions.

Heather of Heather & Bone LLC is an artist based in Louisiana with the dedication to bring artistic confidence to those that need it the most.

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