Let Me Be Brave

Muscles are frozen, feel terror galore;
Comfort is chosen, danger in store;

Heart has knowing, hard to ignore;
Courage is growing, longing is fore;

Go back now, the way from before;
Or go POW, take the soul on tour;

Bright fills all, and senses want more;
Heed that call, make this life soar;

Danger an option, bravery must pour;
What if adoption, can no longer score;

See what is, go on and explore;
Life is this, no do-overs or lore;


I’m obviously no poet and hope it’s not Vogon quality… BUT I did it without quality expectations only explorative actions.

I just wanted to play in my sketchbook; I swear.

Almost Every Artist Ever

A friend on LinkedIn told a charming tale of two tails. There was a page primed begging for something like this thrilling story of adventure and daring, and I had to to capture it (which may or may not have gone a bit far).

My head is usually at home in comfort. I begin cautiously. I do make concerted efforts in bravery because my world is as big as I make it. I wouldn’t have gotten to meet so many amazing people without getting out of the bubble.

Supplies used:

  • paper sketchbook with gesso and paint for primer
  • soft pastels and pencils for pigments
  • fixative and clear gesso between layers
  • adhesive sizing and foil leaf

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