Oh, Happy Day

It’s almost one of those complicated days for people. No matter your association with Mother’s Day, I’m here to support you! If you have em, hold em. Those that went before us can be held in our hearts through the day.

It’s complicated

For many I know, the complications that surround the assumptions on this day can and will stagger them. You may not see them for a couple of days, or they may be weirdly absent in a way we don’t even notice.

The announcements and flowers abound of loving families with everyone around generations of motherhood without loss where our families see us as equal and want to spend that time with us for who we are.

I have major feels this weekend between remembering the taste of regurgitated blueberry pancakes to the feel of my mothers loving cuddle that is in another state. How many of these do I have left with her?

She is my oldest and dearest friend. We already grieve my grandmother and remember the love there that we will never lose as we do our grandma impressions, “Ah, well…”

I grieve the one I lost and know I’m so far from alone. Those images of families gathered around mom celebrating her don’t show how many of those women are holding their missing children in their hearts.

So, having said all that…

If you need the day, take it. It’s yours. For your pups, huge horde, missing uterus, abusive mother, or just leaves a bad taste in your mouth, I see you 👀 Make the day what you need it to be for you and YOUR family.

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