Power of Collaboration ~ Art Swap Event

I made magic this Saturday. Like real magic! The coordination of a random event bringing creative people into one room to collaborate on 7 unique pieces of art was just wow. But even more importantly we arted together and those memories last.

Dude, nervous… I want a brew

The Fighting Hand Brewing Company has my favorite on tap – Blood Orange Wheat! It paired so well with the meats and cheese yumminess I brought. They also have a wide range of non-alcoholic options to keep everyone filled up.

Back to the art

Everyone had an 8×10 canvas to work with. We started with gels and matte medium for texture while ordering a drink. Do we do abstract or landscape? Just play! They started cautiously but soon found their stride jamming to Fleetwood Mac.

Click through slideshow below!

Each person added energy to each art piece. Someone gave bursts of energy to everything he touched, another added transformative elements like butterflies. One by one, each canvas challenged each artist until they had all been touched by everyone.

Fun landscape and gloopy abstracts that will dry with more depth than the artists realize poured from these gathered creatives. Everyone went home thrilled with their piece plus a little extra.

Click through slideshow below!

Crow Confetti (anything and everything a crow would collect) from my friend at Magical Market filled a bowl to the brim. Shinies and textures that thrill the senses were ours to peruse and sort through as long as we wanted.

A murder of crows would never leave empty handed

Magical Mandi of PunkyDoodle Designs then said we could grab anything we could fit in one hand. The catch? No peeking. We got our look; grab and go!

I had a bone to pick. And I picked the bone.

This bone, I think it’s a vertebra, was grown and lived in by a being other than myself. I now get a piece of that being with me to live on in my art.

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