Saxy Skelly - one-of-a-kind skeleton skull art. Artwork done in mixed media.

Quirky Skull Art Brings Joy and Sorrow Within a Few Notes

Saxy Skellytone skull art getting started with colored pencils to add the magic bit.

Things are rarely black and white—shades of gray weave through all we do. The trick is to take the dark and death and make life. Skulls usually represent the dead, but what happens when we add a little colored pencil magic? Skull art that dazzles like Saxy Skellytone pictured here.

The Year of Everyday Adventures

This skull art has gone along for the ride. It has been an epic year of adventure that has taken me down several diverging paths: some up and some down. However, Saxy was there to go back to when I was ready to tackle the most complicated piece I’d ever attempted. Even the background that looks black is a mixture of many colors to make it sink.

Now that she is complete and the details are as they should be, I don’t remember what frightened me so about trying. I’m excited to start on my next one. He is a Skelly reading a book to make an heirloom piece of my oldest son.

Skulls mean death no more. My artwork shows the quirkier side of this bag of bones we run around in. Feel comfortable in them as they support you.

Pre-orders for unique wall art are now open.

Would you like your very own Skelly to immortalize yourself to the bone? You can add flowers such as roses that say “Love” in Victorian floriography or have your beloved animals by your side. The options are endless for a Skelly as unique as you are. These works of art combine watercolor painting and oil to give the bones life.

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