Tangled Echoes: Eternity Calls

Welcome to the ride while I write this crazy story that may one day be in pages of a book if I have my way. Make sure you are secure and keep appendages inside at all times because it’s a draft and may get bumpy…

Her mind reels as she attempts to wrench her dream from the ether. She squishes her eyes closed coaxing her memory only for that deep red glow to overcome her every sense. Her mind whirring wondering when dreams ventured to nightmare. There is no peril or memory of a recurring pain. The feelings of unease were only amplified by the vague remembrances. Long, violet tresses swirl around her as she shakes the red glow from her mind.

Eight, pallid arms ending in slender tendrils that curl as she stretches the night away making their way through the den. It has been a while since eating, and her system gives subtle reminders that the time is quickly approaching when hunger may cloud her mind and judgment. It was time for hunting day. The bow is lighter today. New training must be working, which eased her mind.

The last hunting day was a narrow escape. She remembers the crunch of the crustacean’s powerful grip and how she barely got away. That day was different. Up until then, she knew she could handle anything. Now, experience reminds her of how wrong she could be. There were things far more dangerous than her ancestral bow in these waters.

The waters of Alexandria are home to her den and hold her entire universe within its eroding structures. There are legends of species that once lived in these halls in the era of dry rock and Breathers, but this world is ruled by water. Any such creatures have adapted to sea life or never existed. She heard tell of some of these breathers that stay close to the surface but that was probably legend as well.

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