Tangled Echoes: Friend or Foe

Another day another Mer for MerMay that was born from an abstract line drawing while playing with a new paper for dry media. This beauty is getting a glow up soon as she is done on a larger scale, but until then, here’s a snippet of her story…

Boiling water sputters from her nostrils, which is the only subtle warning she gives before releasing the torrent of her full breath. The usual attempts had failed and only boiling the current could keep things as they should be. Such senseless waste is to be avoided when possible, but this threat can’t be ignored.

Her hitz sac just below the gullet retches forth a charge that will bring her internal water spewing outward for more than 4 of her lengths. At her age, she knew that breathing that distance will reek havoc on the local ecosystem. She reared and let loose her breathe as she never knew she could. Bursting forth with nature’s quickest advantage, the water began to boil in a chaotic arc cutting through all in its way.

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