Tangled Echoes: Prologue

It’s that time again, and I’ve discovered there is no way for this story to come out all at once and in a row. You may or may not have figured this out already because you so smart! I guess it’ll have to flow as it flows, and the whole thing will get put together somehow someday…

An ageless void echoes a scream of piercing terror. It rings through Quinn without source or end. This sensation of falling, so new, so foreign from the support of the sea on her skin, is consistent and the unease grows with the understanding that she would never be free of this sensation. If she ever escaped, this would be burned into her every thought forever.

“Am I here?” thought Quinn. Opening her eyes against every instinct only shows her a darkness not before experienced. The distant beginnings of a bloody glow emerge forming twin points of interest. The screaming intensifies, and she realizes they are coming from her. A whisper penetrates her primal mind in a tongue she couldn’t understand. The meaning was clear though, “I see you.”

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