The Artocalypse is Coming

The year 2020 transformed me as it did so many others. The stress of pending apocalyptic events loomed over everything I did. Stuck inside, I continued to paint, draw, art. Some knew I did this, but most of the time, it was just something I shared with those around me on occasion.

I have a bit of a confession. I absolutely hate social media in almost every form. I love the DM and search features for keeping up with my people, but the act of adding my status or reading a wall of others’ is beyond my neurospicy abilities most of the time. I have felt this way since my days of CafeMom and MySpace.

Enter LinkedIn

My account is old. I made the account while getting my Associate’s in IT. It was dead too; I didn’t have anything to sell as a stay-at-home mom. However, a new position on an older project encouraged me to return to LinkedIn as a Managing Editor for an online newspaper. Within an hour, I met Chris of Uncountable and so many other amazing projects.

He’s one of the most witty and kind people I know and was touting some headline about the Artocalypse. It was just for artists and art lovers. There wasn’t an invitation or application process to join. As a non-artist, I felt like this may be a step in the right direction to absorb the brilliance of people who were.

Just Ask Questions

I had to ask. It. Was. Terrifying. Chris excitedly introduced me to Kimberly, who then introduced me to the whole world of artistic ownership of skills, passions, and healthy expectations. I started to share my art and even did one of their early expos. People only laughed when it was a joke. Others decided that my work was art even if I didn’t see it.

I quit giving/throwing away all of my pieces and started to build more with a tad of, if not confidence, rebellious fervor. It’s okay to make bad art. Is it bad? Who cares. It’s art. It’s sooooooooo subjective. There are no two people who will ever see anything the exact same.

Here, Fishy, Fishy, Fishy – First Live Painting with Artocalypse

Let’s watch it grow; Enter Artocalypse 2.0

That was 4 years ago now, and they are relaunching. I have my own art business I’ve built from scratch. I am the Spartan Cheerleader of a Startup Hub for others like me where Kimberly is the coach and we work together to help noobs become self-made.

It’s the End of the World as We Know It, and I Feel Fine

I have made graphics for a pizza chain and logos for new businesses. Most of all though, I art. I art every damn day. It’s still my joy, and when I take a break, I lose a bit of myself that day. Now, though, I do it at the local bookstore and with reckless abandon.

I bring together others that wish they could and prove they can. We all come to art as children. The only way to become an artist is to create art. The only way to get the skills of a proficient artist is to create art often. I’m sorry; I don’t make the rules.

Artocalypse and the environment of noncompetitive creative support absolutely changed my world. It took time. I still must put in those 10K hours. There’s no musical montage or shortcut for change as I’ve mentioned so many times.

There is support in this community of creative minds.

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