The IndieWeb Is A Thing

I’ve already talked about the Artocalpse and even upcoming events for members of the community.

Did I mention that it’s an IndieWeb community committed to the vision of artists maintaining their ownership and digital identity on the web.

What does that even mean?!

A blog on a domain is like building your own home. You decorate and lay it out any way you like. Socials are basically renting an apartment with strict rules as to what and how to post.

Your IndieWeb community is less about the dopamine rush of doom scrolling and more about the choice of entertainment and encouragement. Webmentions mimics the @ of socials without the drama.

Troll resistant

Most won’t mention you without good reason, and they own the content when they do, which cuts back on trolls.

Want more reasons? It works! Disassociated is a member of the IndieWeb that happened upon a blog about an art community and decided to share. Viral has new premises, and the possibilities are endless!

Come back to the 90’s with me yall!

The art explained

I couldn’t possibly know then how right she would prove to be.

“There’s a world out there, cherubs.”

It’s something my high school teacher always said. It’s easy to forget or never know how big the world is if we’ve never set out to explore it.

🪽 Cherub Skelly 🪽

Sorry to all of the English teachers out there that know I butchered this 🤣 Your amazing efforts were not completely wasted on me.

And that’s that! Go check out the crew at the artocalypse before the event to participate! We have so much planned! Oh, and check out Disassociated! You are totally allowed as an adult, and it’s can be a treat!

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