Virtual Art Swap ~ Digital Identity

It’s Art Swap time again, yall! This time, we are going digital and already have participants across the globe. Everyone is welcome to follow along and comment.

Event Theme – Digital Identity

What is your digital identity? Why did you choose it? Where is it going? There is so much to dive into and any angle to take. There are no wrong answers.

4 days so far

All full Artocalypse members welcome to enter! You need a blog and digital art capabilities. If you aren’t ready to join quite yet, feel free to follow along and show us what you come up with.

July 1 – We start our digital painting! This day is for guiding and shaping the future of the piece while letting go of absolutely any and all expectations. There is a two-hour time limit that can be broken up into any increments you like but only add what you feel inspired to add. Flatten to one layer, write a post about it, add relevant links, and add your piece to the form I send.

July 2 – receive piece from another artist, repeat day 1 by spending up to two hours adding to the artist’s creative vision and upload to form. Make sure to blog about it! Hoping for your reasoning and motivation of what you added.

July 3-4 Repeat – Each artist will receive a digital copy of each collaborative art piece and is encouraged to write about how the experience was and if they would do it again. Each piece will contribute to The Artocalypse Digital Identity Expo along with all pieces inspired by or informed by the theme by members!

If you would like to participate fully in the event and following expo, I am organizing a digital the event to guarantee your spot in the expo, you just need to be a full Artocalypse member! Simple!

The yearly subscription covers promotion and a plethora of events throughout the year to each member. Some of us, like Heather & Bone, give discounts to other members on their products and services. It’s a community of members from everywhere doing all kinds of inspiring things.

Can’t wait to see yall then!

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